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West Coast Road Trip | Day Three: Sea, Land, Clouds & Sky

Next morning, we checked out of Motel 6 and headed to Pier 39 in San Francisco to have a quick breakfast. It took an hour of driving to arrive, and hopefully we found a parking space, almost near to our destination. For today, we are about to see some fabulous scenes in Pacific coast Highway!

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West Coast Road Trip | Day Two: Meeting The Lighthouse

On second day of our road trip and after waking up from sleeping inside the car, we looked for a place to eat. We headed to “Water+Leaves” as Fisherman`s wharf in Monterey. We were about to arrive at San Francisco for today.

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West Coast Road Trip | Day One: Passing Through Amazing Big Sur!

It all began by an email from Foursquare describing best road trips in United States. Going north through Pacific Coast Highway is one of them. I was waiting for couple of months and finally made it happen! I had an amazing week on road up to Canada border. I`ll write about them in a week and let you know what happened during my road trip.

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Manouchehri House, try living in a perfect traditional Iranian house

Old & traditional houses are main attractions in old city of Kashan. Some of them have been renovated, so you can go and visit them. But if you really want to try living in one of them, The Manouchehri House is highly recommended. A 2 star hotel which is way beyond expectations!

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Travel to Kashan and Iranian traditional drinks miracle!

Kashan city is located near center of Iran, and it is hot when you travel during summer. In  a time that everyone travel to colder places, me and my dear friend decided to visit Kashan. It is hot as expected, but a miracle saved us from heat: Iranian traditional drinks known as “Sharbat“.

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Pay your accommodation by your skills, instead of cash!

Paying for hotels or even hostels can consume major part of our travel budget and makes it harder for further plans with peace of mind. website has a good solution for this problem. Use your skills to pay for your accommodation!

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Filband, a village hidden in clouds

Filband, a village in north of Iran in Mazandaran province, is all in clouds! It is so cold most of the times that nobody would live there, except when the weather gets warmer during spring and summer. I took a visit there two years ago, just the same time as now (Facebook reminded me that!). So I thought it might be good sharing what I experienced there in beautiful village of Filband.

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Wireless iPhone Charger by Zens

Having smartphone charged during trip is viral for many of us. I use smartphone to take photos, sharing on social media and find my way in Google Maps. But when it is time to charge the iPhone 6, I need to go and find proper charger. Zens wireless iphone charger can be a good solution for some cases.

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Apple iMovies, best tool to make video clips on the go!

I had this article weeks ago about why I`m using smartphones for blogging, taking photos and other stuffs. Beside photography, videography is an essential for blogging and reporting and on top of all, it is crucial to prepare video in a proper way that visitors would like. Apple iMovies app is here to do the trick for us!

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Improve Your Mobile Photography with Extra Lenses

Mobile photography is one of hot trends of our time. Smartphones cameras are great and can snap great photos in a flash. They have some limitations as well, which we can overcome some of them with extra lenses that crafted specially for smartphones cameras.

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