Triposo, a different travel app to find a walking path!

One of the most economic ways to see important and attractive parts of a city is walking! Of course, I know that this requires a lot of time and energy, but at the same time, it has its own advantages and can be a good opportunity to get familiar with the environment better. But finding a suitable path for walking and seeing the intended spots can be a challenge. fortunately there are some travel app for smartphone or tablets available for this task and Triposo is one of them to help us in this regard.

Triposo has been released for Android and iOS. Triposo is a travel guide that can store information in smartphone memory so there would be no need for internet access when you are using it. Of course, Triposo is not as complete as some powerful rivals, but it has its own advantages too. Interesting points, hotels, weather, currencies and even some native terminology and how to express and pronounce them are all part of the capabilities of this software (which fortunately is also free!).

To achieve the best walking route to visit points of interest, you must first list and add those points to Favorite list (do this by hitting the star button at top of each place page). Then on the main page of city, hit the button on top right corner and your favorite places will appear. Now hit Create City Walk to generate the shortest path to the selected location and eventually return to the starting point.

So if you are interested in visiting a city by walk, Triposo travel app can be very useful for you in many cities. I suggest to include some cafes and restaurants in between of your favorite places. Then you can have some rest in those places and cheer up yourself to continue city walk.

This software is for both iOS and Android.

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