Swarm app, essential sidekick for better Foursquare!

I introduced Foursquare app few days ago, an app that helps us get to know more about different places around us and categories the result based on different factors. Now it is time to know Swarm and use it beside Foursquare.

At the beginning of Foursquare started working, you could evaluate different places and also check in to places with Foursquare itself. Little by little, Foursquare improved and became more and more complex, so developers of the app decided to solve the problem and help to organize the process of searching and check in. The new app is called Swarm with a lovely orange bee as a logo to help organize Foursquare community. At first, many were unhappy about this, but in the end the experience indicated this decision was essential to improve user experience. By using Swarm, developers trying to keep the things simple. After using both app for a long time, I can say there are still works to do to make it much better.

To Check in your presence in a place, you have to use Swarm. By each check in, you can put a comment, photos and a logo to your profile picture. Each check in add coins to your profile, so you might encourage to do more check ins to get more coins! Of course these coins are for competing with others and you cannot buy or trade anything with them! Also, here’s a shortcut to Foursquare, in case you want to get more info from places you are checking in. If you are the one with the most check in at a specific place, you will be granted as a Mayor of the place and a crown will be shown beside your profile picture!

The other interesting feature of Swarm is to share your location with other friends. If you have this feature turned on, your friends can see where you are now and if they are interested, join you. You can schedule your gathering with friends by using Swarm, or chat with your friends. Finally, you can Check-in at other social networks such as Facebook to share as well.

Remember that both Swarm and Foursquare occupy internet connection and GPS which have negative impact on battery life. So it is better to close them when you are not using them to preserve battery.

Swarm is available for different mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Swarm for Android (Google Play)

Swarm for iOS (iTunes)

Swarm for Windows Phone

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