How our daily food impacts on water shortage?

We all know that the world is faced with a shortage of drinking water and in the media and conversations, we often hear about the issue and methods of reducing water consumption. Water is used almost in every daily task. Besides cleaning and drinking, our daily food also have an important part in water consumption too. This amount of water, is not being used for cooking food, but rather in process of prepare it for consumption by humans. This easy and simple infographic on website shows how much each kind of food consumes water to get prepared for us.

The interesting part about this infographic is that vegetables need much less water compared to different kinds of meat. Perhaps it could remind us how vegetables can affect both our health and have a good effects on preserving water. So maybe it’s not a bad idea to change our habits a bit and bring vegetables to our daily nutrition more than before.


Preparing a kilogram of chocolate needs 17 thousand liters of water. This is the amount of water to fill up a pool!


One kilogram of beef requires 15 thousand liters of water. This amount of water can a bath tub for 25 times!


One kilogram of pork consumes 6000 thousand liters of water, equivalent of 188 time showering.


Each egg takes 200 liters of water to come to our hand. This amount equals to 784 glasses of water.

But on the other hand:


One kilogram of corn takes 1211 liters of water, and one kilogram of wheat needs 1892 liters of water.


790 liters of water for each kilogram of banana, and 586 liters of water for one kilogram of green beans


for each kilogram of potato and tomato, there will be 287 and 214 liters of water needed.

So what is your choice for today`s lunch?

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