Tentsile, camping in between of ground and sky

Camping and experience nature in this way, is interesting and memorable, which is of course has its own troubles as well. During camping, you ca feel nature in a great way, but you should also need to deal with limitations in campings. One of the limitations is regarded to setting up tents and dealing with them. It can also bring some dangers sometimes! To meet the needs of people and confront with limitations, the English company Tentsile with its innovative products brings camping experience to a new level. Their solution is really interesting to discuss about.

The first examples of Tentsile tent was introduced in March 2012 and immediately attracted many comments. Just after a year, a final model with the name of Stingray introduced to market. Stingray is actually the first portable tree house in the world that has the least negative effect on nature and brings a fun and interesting experience. In a short time to mid-October 2013, two portable tree house Builder (Alex, the architect and the provider of the prototype to market and Kirk Kirchev designer and inventor) is so busy that they decided to resign from their main job and produce their innovative tents full time!

By April 2014, the Connect model was marketed which is lighter and more flexible with modular design. In summer 2014, with the money they earned from selling first models, they decided to establish a production factory in China and just after a week, government shut down it due to stealing ideas of a Chinese company! They have hired a lawyer, and after three weeks of conflict proved that the idea and the plan was not related to the country of China, but Tentsile idea is older than that! The factory eventually went back to work at the beginning of the year 2015, with two new models Vista and Trillium were introduced to the market as well.

Being suspended in the air gives a new filling to campers. The tent won`t have any contact with ground and therefore, there is no need to seek for a plain and dry surface to set up the tent (of course, Tentsile keeps the ability of installing on ground.) All you need is 3 trees or a mountain or rock wall to quickly install the tent. Tensile has higher security against animals too.

The frame structure is like spider net and has high tension strength against high weight load. Upper hood consists of micro divers and have waterproof and Anti UV properties. The rope holding the tent have the ability to endure pressure equal to 2.5 tons.

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