Why it is good to stay at Hostel: An Opportunity to Communicate!

Many travelers with limited budgets and those who plan a long travel, always try to manage their money to find an accommodation with lowest cost to be a good shelter to rest at night. That`s why there are places called hostels alongside with hotels that provide an staying place with lower price and essential facilities. So travelers can manage their money and budget much better. But there are some things and rules about hostels which is good to know before you enter one of these places.

Some people get out early in the morning and after getting around, will come back late at night to rest and get ready for tomorrow. So as you see, there is just few hours spending at a place to rest (like hotels) that you paid so much for! If the cost is important to you, perhaps a hostel would be a good solution.

How hostels reduced cost of living there? There is no welcoming team at hostel, no one to open the door for you or a beautiful and eye catching lobby with all luxurious items around too! Hostel might be like a residential house that have two, four or even six beds in each room. Breakfast is so simple (some times no breakfast at all) and you need to prepare everything for yourself.

Things to know

In addition to limitation, you need to get along with other people too. Young people and students are the most often customers of hostels. These people mostly travel just by a back pack or small traveling bag. Certainly anyone who has a kind of taste and dealing, and you might see some different behaviors from roommates. Some might make noise or snore at night.  Unless they really break hostel rules, you need to get along with them. Some behaviors that you count as a bad one might seem normal in another culture.

Hostels mostly have Internet connection, but it is better to make sure about that before you reserve your stay. All your private space in hostel is your bed. Depending on the hostel type, your bed might be separated from others by a curtain or in some other places, there is no curtain at all! For customer convenient, some hostels prepare some rooms special for men and women separately. About the private space, it does not mean you can do whatever you want in your space! There are sure other things to consider and taking care of!

How to recognize a good hostel?

There is no special rating like hotels available for hostels All you should do is searching through internet and read other travelers opinion. You should be sensitive about what others are saying, what points they are mentioning in common and what score they give to a place. Security, being clean and behavior is the important thing you should look for. The prices are also not support certain principles. For example, Adelaide Hostel in San Francisco is the same price as a good hotel in Fresno. Among hostels, available facilities have a great impact on price. For example, a four-bed room is more expensive than a six-bed room.

what to do and what not!

Usually hostels closer to the city center and near to city facilities (like shops or but stop and metro station) have higher prices. But some times it is wise to get a more expensive hostel which is near the places you are about to visit. Because the cost of moving around and other factors might cost you more!

There are lots of websites and app to book a hostel. Booking.com is one of the most famous booking websites. Hostelworld.com is also a good option too. Remember that the most expensive is not necessarily the best hostel. Actually it is all about your expectations!

What should I take to a hostel with me?

bed sheets and cover for pillow – They usually have bed sheets there at hostels. But if you are not comfortable with that (being clean and healthy) you can have a set of bed sheets with yourself.

padlock – Each bed has a locker to store your belongings inside. But they are lacking padlocks! So it is good to have a small one with you. Hostels mostly sell padlocks, but it is often more expensive.

Shampoo and towels-some hostels have bathrooms in every room, and some others have shared ones (They mostly mention this in hostel descriptions). It is not common to provide shampoo and towel for travelers in a hostel. So have these with yourself.

Power outlet converter – If you are traveling to a place that you are not sure about their power outlet standards, it is better to have a converter at hand to charge your electronic devices hassle free.

Good morals – you might encounter different situations and problems during your stay. So be patient have try to behave well, so you can enjoy your stay much more.

A good opportunity for communication

Staying in a hostel does not mean that you are poor and you are here because you do not have enough money, or you should be jealous those who stay at a five star hotel. In all my experience of living in a hostel, I can say being at a hostel is all about a unique and different experience. I met different people from photographers to students with great visions in mind to web and app developers who preferred to stay at a hostel to get their job done. A hostel can is a great time to meet people from around the world that have a common interest, and that is traveling. You can also share your experience and ideas with others from around the world and make new friends.

Essentials of staying at hostel

This is a great chance which means a lot compared with limitations. Eventually you might even decide to choose hostel for your future travels to other cities too!

Images: Adelaide hostel, San Francisco

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