How to bear middle seat of airplanes

When we plan to travel by plane, we might like to be seated next to window, or be near isle to have easy access to our luggage or have a little walk. But things go bad when you have to sit in the middle seat! There will be no access to isle not window. On top of them, you need to struggle for the armrest too!

Travel+Leisure website have some solutions for such conditions that are worth checking out.

Be prepared – keep the items that you are about to use at hand. You smartphone, tablets, headphones, books or any other device that you want to use during the flight should be in the most accessible place, so you can reach them quickly.

Get in to plane faster than others – You will have more time to prepare yourself. Before others come by, you have enough time to put luggages in upper space and have your essential objects at hand. Also, try to bring less luggage possible in plane.

Show who`s the boss! – just before other passengers come, rest both of your arms on seat arm rest!

Make friends – try to make connection with those who seat beside you. Try to look polite and happy!

Have a neck supported pillow – These are not much expensive, yet they have important impact for a more comfortable flight specially in long distances.

Go to restroom before flying – this case is obvious and needs no explanation!

Have an eye on other seats – after take off, take a look around. If there is an empty seat around which is in better condition than where you are now, you may ask flight attendants to change your seat.

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