A vegetarian meal a week saves 14,000 gallons of water!

I was talking with one of friend active in nature concerns about how we can preserve water usage. And we concluded on a same point that being informative about this issue can be very helpful! Just a few days after that, it just happened to me to have lunch at Native Plant Foods Cafe and I just saw a very good example of how we can preserve water in shape of a sign.

A card installed on a round stone is all they used to notice customers that a vegetarian meal in a week can save up to 14000 gallons of water. But there is more to read on this card. They also make an opportunity for loyal customers to have discounts and other interesting stuff available to them.

On the back, there are information available on how much water used to prepare different kinds of foods, or how much water we use during a shower.

water reservation 2

They even recommend Soy milk instead of normal milk and in the end, we can easily conclude that vegetarian food have a large impact on water reservation.

Of course, these tips can’t be advised to all people. Because there are definitely those who must be sure to have that meat meal (due to the need to provide sufficient protein). But eventually most of us can save water consumption in this practice. and this method can be a good solution for cafes and restaurants to attract more customers!

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