Forget the power banks, here comes the solar banks!

Power banks are one of the handy tools to charge our portable devices when there is no electricity available around. But Power banks have limited charge available and to charge them, there is still electricity needed! To cover that problem, there are products called solar bank. Solar banks are the same as power banks, but they also have solar cell integrated, so it can charge itself independently!

They are produced with different capacities and the output is one or two USB ports to charge smartphones and tablets. Since solar banks can be useful for those go deep into nature, different companies try to make them ready for all conditions and consider features like being waterproof and dust proof. There are some models with LED lights too, so users can use it as a light at night.

Body is also strong enough to counter with hits and drops. It seems famous names in power bank field still have no plan to build such products. All solar banks available in market are from unknown companies that just start making accessories. Hopefully these companies will also sooner to produce this series of power banks.

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