Where is the dirtiest place on airplanes ?

Like any other public transport machine, airplanes are also a place that many people use. So there are definitely dirty places inside. But the most contaminated parts of the plane are the least expected places too!

The TravelMath website has decided sending microbiologists to check several airplanes and find dirtiest spot in an airplane. The results re shocking, because according to results, passenger tray that we put the food tray on is the dirtiest spot in an airplane! A place easily accessible by passengers and can affect our health very easy. Toilet flushing button has the second place in ranking, third place for lock of the safety belt, and finally the valve setting air conditioning output ranked fourth most-polluted part of the plane.

The solution, is to use hand sanitizer and washing hands before eating. You can also bring a simple and small cover for tray and use it when you are about to eat something on the tray.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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