He wants to travel to Iran and dance with them!

Most newspapers and websites and television is full of horrible news and various conflicts and insecurity around the world, which makes our intake into the surrounding environment always be with fear and worry. But in the meantime, there are people with different kind of thinking and a different perspective, and do things beyond expectation. Matt Harding is one of those people who have gone to different parts of the world and dance with people in each region! He plans to go to Iran in 2016 and dance with Iranians too. But he needs people in destination countries to do something for him first!

Matt started traveling to many countries and dance there with other people, thanks to his sponsor. He was alone in videos at the beginning, but eventually, people start to dance with him in different places.

Matt video from the trips in 2008. this video has been seen on YouTube almost 50 million times.

After some videos, he decides to travel to other places that he has never been to, but the sponsor was not agreed with traveling to the countries such as Iraq, North Korea or Afghanistan. So he decided to get to these places by his own and share another video of dancing with people around the world in 2012. He says that by traveling to these countries, he comes to understanding that the world is not all that shown on TV. He says:”I make videos of it and I put them on YouTube to show that the world is a whole lot safer and friendlier than it looks on TV.”


For 2016, he has a new list of countries to visit which contains Iran and Cuba. To cover the expenses, he started a kickstarter page and share what he has in mind with others with lots of information and video about his work. He also asked people of countries in his list to record a video of dancing and share it on social media with hashtag #dancewithmatt, so he can have a better view of these countries and finally he can decide better where to go next! Those who like to help him with travel expenses can also find lots of options there on kickstarter too. As I write this, he could gather about 89 thousand dollars.

If, after seeing a video of Matt dancing with people around the world and you feel great about that, it would be nice if you could record a video for him or even help him out with his journey! You don`t have to be a professional dancer, as you see Matt videos, he is not that much professional too! His true potential and gift is to bring people together and help them having a good time dancing!

Matt’s YouTube channel

Dedicated page on kickstarter

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