Roger application, Walkie Talkie For The Modern World

Roger application

Today’s world is full of apps and different communication softwares that can help people communicate with family and friends from anywhere in the world. Roger is somehow a new member of huge communication apps and softwares for our smartphones, with just a little difference. Roger works like a walkie talkie for your smartphone and tablet.

Roger app has been created by Spotify (Online music streaming service) developers. To communicate with others, You just need to push microphone button and record your voice and send it to the other side. The other side, can do the same as an answer for your voice. Holding the microphone button to record and send it back to you. Roger works just as simple and easy as a walkie talkie!

Unfortunately Roger is only developed for iPhone and iPad. The developers haven`t said if they have any plan for Android and Windows Phone version.

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