A Journey Inside Iranians Daily Life

پروژه عکاسی سفر به درون (a journey inside(

“A Journey Inside” is a social documentation project that is about to do this task in its own way. The result is different from what we see in ordinary media every day!

One of the countries and cultures that seems to be still a mystery for other people around the world, is Iranian culture. What this culture is about, how people do in daily life and what are their concerns might be all questions for those who are curious about it. A team of young photographers (four men and four women) grab their cameras and go deep in Iranians life to show us what`s going on with Iranians life. The output of this project is something totally different of what people around the world see and observe in media. A Journey Inside project contains social problems and also how people resist the limitations around them by their own way.

These photographers are all trained for 14 months under supervision of Panos Pictures. Now they have rich content of pictures and videos on the project website and instagram that can shape a better and more detailed view of part of Iranians life.

Here are some screenshots of “A Journey Inside” project:

A Journey Inside Project Website

Instagram Account
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