New Casio smart watch for nature lovers

The CES exhibition is an ideal place to show new gadgets and products. This year, wearable gadgets had a special place for many companies and now Casio, as a maker of various kind of watches, just introduced a smartwatch for those who go deep into nature!

Casio smart watch is called WSD-F10 and is based on android wear platform. The Casio Smart watch has similar design as G-Shock series and looks sturdy and promising. And the orange color around the watch face can bring the feeling of nature too.

Casio Smart Watch is waterproof (up to 50 meters) and has military standards for shockproof license. Meanwhile, screen has a dual layer technology to show more information at the same time. being smart means that this watch can be connected to smartphones as well to get more features available to users.

There are different buttons around the watch too. The Tools button shows essential information about the place you are. Latitude and longitude, sunrise and sunset time and atmosphere pressure are some of the examples. Activity button information that are changing every moment. These information are helpful to improve the current situation that the user is in. Finally the Moment Setter helps to set some notifications to remember.

All these features helps Casio smart watch to be an interesting gadget that can be different from other competitors. being a high quality device is another nice factor for a smartwatch to use in harsh situations. Of course, remember that being a smart watch means that it needs a smart phone beside it too to get the most potential from the smart watch.

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