BRAVEN Bluetooth speaker for adventurers with taste of music!

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You can find every kind of gadgets related to technology In CES 2016 and speakers are just one of them. BRAVEN new bluetooth speakers that introduced in CES 2015 is one of those products for adventurers who want to go deep in nature and in the meanwhile, want to listen to music with no cables in between.

This bluetooth speaker is called BLADE-BRV LE and you can connect it to several kinds of devices by bluetooth. The body is strong enough to get IPX7 certificate and be resistant to shock and impacts. There are two features available in this product to enhance the sound. Boost Mode is about to help make the sound louder and amplify it, so users can hear it in any situation. The Bass Optimization feature make a more natural and strong bass to make deeper feeling for the listener.

The body is made of Aluminum and ABS, which has said that are the same materials used in military and aircraft body too. Tie-down bars made of a military-grade glass filled nylon that makes securing the speaker to surfaces fast and easy. Another interesting point about this product, is the possibility of using it as a Powerbank to charge smartphones or tablets. The battery capacity is about 4000mAh which is enough to charge an iPhone 6s Plus to full charge. BRAVEN is also prepared a dedicated app to control the bluetooth speaker features (like equalizers or Boost Mode) directly from smartphone or tablet.

Founded in 2011, BRAVEN’s focus on audio quality, ease of use and superior features has quickly transformed the brand into one of the fastest growing wireless audio brands in the industry. The new bluetooth speaker BRV-BLADE LE is about to enter market in Q2 2016. The estimated price is 199 US Dollar.

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