AirBolt Smart Lock to bring extra secure luggage!

AirBolt Smart Lock

One of main concerns of passengers are safety of their luggages and blocking the ways others can access inside of their belongings. There are several solutions out there for such problem. Among all these solutions, AirBolt smart lock is a tool that utilize today`s technology to bring security to luggages.

Australian manufacturer of AirBolt States that this tool is a exceptional smart lock. This smart lock only works through Bluetooth connectivity and special app designed for that. If the lock opened by accident, it will be locked again automatically if user don`t take it away in a limited time. The app can also show the last place your luggages were been. So if they did not arrive at your destination,you can determine the last place that your luggages were available and then check with flight officers to get to your luggages much sooner (according to statistics, more than 24.1 million bags have been sent to the wrong destinations in 2014!).

AirBolt smart lock has internel alarm too. so if someone take away your luggage or you forget to bring it with you, AirBolt will inform you by the alarm. The alarm is useful for those situations that you have lost your bag in a crowded place. Just run the app and activate the alarm to find it.

AirBolt luggage lock makers have tried to get all the requirements needed to get TSA approval, so it can be a flight safe gadget for passengers. They even included a timer to disable bluetooth connection during flight, so no interfere with radio signals would happen. AirBolt smart lock app is available for iOS and Android.

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