Passion for Cars: Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

Cars are important parts of our lives and in some places like America, having a car is a must! (because of very long ranges to arrive to a destination) That`s why we always have special interest in cars and care about those unique ones that have a role in history or our memories. On second day of January in 2016, I was about to visit LACMA and just happened to see that the Petersen Automotive Museum is very near across the street! Click ‘read more’ to see photos of what I have seen in this great museum for those with with interest in cars!

Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles City, is almost impossible not to see with those red walls and silver curly lines around the building. They have more than 300 cars in their inventory and for different occasions and in different time intervals, they show 150 of them to visitors in 3 floors of showing space. They recently opened ‘The Vault’ that have some special models, but if you want to see there, you should get there in a certain time. It is good to check with their website before planning to visit ‘The Vault’.

Petersen Automotive Museum

This Land Rover is one of the three models used in James Bond Spectre movie.

petersenautomuseum-21Bugatti Veyron with special paint and interiors.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum
Wedding gift of France government to Shah of Iran (Mohammadreza Pahlavi) in 1939 – A Bugatti, only one model in whole world!

Petersen Automotive MuseumThe new version of the Ford GT

Petersen Automotive Museum1967 Ford GT40 Mark III This is the only version that has approval for driving in urban environment.

petersenautomuseum-16Chevrolet Biscayne XP-37, 1955

Petersen Automotive Museum
Benz, 1886

Petersen Automotive MuseumAston Martin used in James Bond movie

Petersen Automotive MuseumThis version of the Cobra in 1955 by the brothers Hansen for the specific machine exhibition held by Petersen. The body of this car is handmade out of fiberglass.

Petersen Automotive MuseumA special edition of De Tomaso by RINGBROTHERS tuning, interior design by Nike. This car got many awards in different shows and events.

Petersen Automotive MuseumWalter White`s Pontiac in Breaking Bad. Now it has a special place in Petersen Automotive Museum.

Petersen Automotive MuseumBatmobil, used in Batman series by Tim Berton.

Petersen Automotive MuseumBatmobil interior

Petersen Automotive Museum website

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