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تجربه سفر

There are lots of communities and social media available in our online world, but finding something special for traveling might be hard. Facet app and website is a community special for travelers to show what they have discovered in their visit to new places.

Facet is full of videos about different topics and places, all related to traveling, new places, foods and celebrations. There might be a special event somewhere in the world and with Facet app, you might find some video clips about that event or place. You also show others what you just saw in that small city you`ve just passed through, so others can see or maybe take a visit there too!


App interface is not as simple as it should be. You need to move around different parts for few first time to get to know the nature of how the app shaped. You can also upload your own videos which is not very long clips (only 10 seconds).There are some simple editing tools available to cut the desired part of your video. There are some limitations on uploading videos too. Captions are only 62 characters. No filters for video are available and the most odd thing is, your video must be in portrait mode or it will be cropped!

There is an Editorial Team available at Facet too. They check every video uploaded and if they found something interesting, they would feature that video on Discovery and Explore tabs, so others can see and enjoy that too. As they mentioned in their website, they might have some promotional opportunities for active members. So in order to get into the community and get some extra features, you need to be active and make good videos for the community. Therefore, they will contact you to get upgraded!

Facet is currently only available for Apple portable devices.

Download Facet on iTunes Store

Facet website

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