Now you can ask for a 30 day visa when traveling Iran

traveling iran

traveling Iran can be an amazing experience for many curious travelers who want to see what is really is happening there! Now those who have planned for it, can have a 30 day visa on arrival at Iran airport!

After the historic agreement on nuclear plans and removing sanctions, now it can be a good time to take a visit there. And by issuing a 30 day visa, traveling IRAN can be easier than before. Iranian officials says that citizens of 180 countries can come and have their visa in airport (of course there are some initial requirements!). Unfortunately, citizens of United States, Canada and Great Britain still need to ask for visa prior to flying to IRAN.

Several European airlines announced that they will starting their flight lines to IRAN very soon. So you can be sure there is safe traveling planes are all available to start the trip.

Source: IRNA

Image: A window on top of an entrance in one of old houses of Yazd city, Iran

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