LACMA art museum, a must visit for art lovers!

موزه هنر LACMA لس انجلس

LACMA art museum in Wilshire St. Los Angeles is a great spot for those in love with arts. They have art pieces from different nations and generations, from middle east to Europe and Japan and America. So with every taste, There is something to find!

LACMA art museum

LACMA art museum main entrance at night


LACMA art museum is just across the street where the Petersen Automotive Museum located. This place is simply huge, so I really suggest to put plenty of time to visit all buildings and items with peace of mind. I was here at second day of January 2016 for 3 hours and could not even finish Ahmanson Building! So I returned back and spent more than 7 hours to go through different buildings. I lovely journey among arts of different category in different nations and ages! There are 7 buildings here that hosts different types of arts, some of them are permanent and some like “Rain Room” is on for limited time. Spending 7 hours in this place means you need to find something to eat and drink! There are several places available for this demand with quite good quality and ambience. There is a gift shop near Hammer building too, which you can find some interesting things. They also have some books about art, but don`t expect to find any type of book in great variation here.

LACMA Art Museum

LACMA Art Museum Map


ِA huge art class

LACMA art museum can be a huge art class for every one of us. By walking through different parts, we can learn a lot about history of art for different art schools, where some forms are coming from and what is the story behind a masterpiece that might look very ordinary at the first sight. It is all by you to spend some time and read the description for each part. There is also a voice narrator available for some parts too.

LACMA art museum

A masterpiece by Paul Cezanne that I have always seen in books. Now I can see it in person and in very short range at LACMA!


This is not just about paintings. Sculptures, Ancient Inscriptions from Iran, mummies from Egypt, modern arts, furnitures, arts from east Asian countries and many more can be found at LACMA. There was also a special section for Middle East and Islamic arts (including Iran, Saudi Arabia and some others) which can be quite interesting to visit and get to know more about these cultures.



LACMA art museum website


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