Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles in Black and White

There are lots of things in Los Angeles to visit and enjoy, but this city bonds to the most important tourist attraction: Hollywood Blvd. Everyone of us loves movies and this street is the home for some of most important studios and super stars of cinema. Here are my quick look at this street in black and white.

You can see lots of people from around the world come to this street to see what is happening at the heart of movie production universe. Gift shops, attractions, studios, movie theaters and museums, all shape the whole cultural structure of this street. You can even see Batman, Spiderman or even Master Chief from Halo series in the street! Just remember you should pay them if you want to take picture with them!

Hollywood Blvd is a colorful place, but I decided to convert photos I took to black and white! Here are my shots of Hollywood Blvd:

Hollywood blvd at los angeles

palms and footprints of most famous actors and stars on ground. Some of them go back to 1920s!



Hollywood Blvd is crowded, even in the afternoon of working days


Hollywood Blvd at los angeles

There are a lot to visit. Consider to spend some hours here.


Hollywood Blvd at Los angeles

Hollywood Blvd from third floor of Madame Tussauds wax museum. Stars on pedestrian belongs to important people of cinema industry.


Hollywood Blvd at Los angeles

Night time at Hollywood Blvd


Getting Tired of Hollywood walking? Want some coffee?

Of course you would get tired of walking! So you need something to eat or drink to power up and continue your journey. I was in the same situation and although there was a Starbucks in the area. I decided to try something else. I`m not a fan of paper cups and the style of “hurry up drink that on the go coffee“. I more like to sit down, relax and drink coffee in a real cup! I found this in Ghirardelli chocolate shop, which serves coffee and ice cream too. They serve in real cups and staff are very respectful. I also loved the style of tables and chairs they used there!

Ghirardelli Chocolate shop in hollywood Blvd

What other things to visit in Los Angeles?

I previously visited Peterson Automotive Museum which is a must see place for those with little bit of passion for cars (Which means everyone!). I also visited LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). A great complex of buildings that contains many forms of arts. You can spend a whole day visiting this place and be amazed by arts from different generations and nations.

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