Travel to Solvang, Danish Capital of US!

Solvang is a small town near Los Angeles with high potential of making a complete different day for all of us! If you are looking for a one day trip in California, Solvang can sit on top of your “One Day Trip” list! Solvang is Danish capital of US!

سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

Wine Valley Inn

Starting from Los Angeles, it takes about 2 hours to get to Solvang. If you have plenty of time, you can choose Pacific Coast Highway, so you can also enjoy the road to Solvang. Solvang established in 1911 by some Danish people, and now is populated by about 5200 people. This is a small town, but each year more than 1 millions people go and visit there! Solvang mean “Sunny field” and the architecture was Spanish style at first. People loved the food and ambience, so founders of city change the architecture to Danish style.

Why Solvang is Called Danish Capital of US?

Lifestyle, ambience and style of city is all Danish. Danish style of buildings are suitable for cold weather, but here it is just for keeping the Danish style! There are lots of pastries and vineries available here which you must take a visit and try. Danish tales has high effects on different parts of city and gift shops. All these good and interesting things make Solvang the Danish capital of US. You will have a good time in Solvang, but be there soon, because they close shops and most restaurants very soon.

سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

They Close so soon!

Interesting places

Gift shops with interesting products, pastries, restaurants and sweet shops to buy chocolates are all around the city to visit and try. Prices are different wine tasting and vineries and it might be good to check some places before you try (check foursquare for each place to get more info). Hans Christian Andersen is an important figure in Denmark and all of us have heard stories and tales he wrote for children. There is a museum dedicated to him in Solvang worth visiting. Elf houses are also there near each building too! These small bird nest like houses are a place for elf residents. According to Danish tales, they live around and if they get angry, they will steal small items from the house, so people build them houses to keep them happy and satisfied (some even prepare food and drink for them!)

سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

Rooftops are for cold weather and snow storms. Something that Solvang would never face it!


سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

One of the Solvang building with initial Spanish architecture

سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

‌Birkholm, the first pastry founded in Solvang


سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

Interior of Pastry

سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

Try Danish pastries!

سولوانگ پایتخت دانمارکی امریکا

It worths paying 12 dollars and take a ride

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