Swarm 4.0 update reveals what you are really into!

Swarm 4 update

Swarm and Foursquare is one the apps I mostly recommend for those who want to get around places and share their experience with others. Today Swarm updated to version 4.0 and now it can reveal some good truths about you!

As a user of Swarm for 3 years, I always wanted to have a good statistics and view of where I have been, what I have done and much more. Now with version 4 available, a good set of information are available. Now I know I mostly check in places related to eating and there is very small place in my chart related to gym and sports! Now I can see which of my friends I have been with during my checkins, and see a categorized view of my checkins which is really useful! And if you travel a lot, you can see where you have been and how many places you have checked in during your travels on the map.

Swarm 4 update

my profile in Swarm. It seems I love eating so much!

Swarm 4 update

Places I have checked in

But that`s not all! Photos uploaded in Swarm will be shown much better than before. And there is The Weekly Swarm, which shows most epic check ins of your friends and see their experiences! So update now and see how you have been doing during these years of using Swarm and Foursquare. Happy checkins 🙂

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