My List of “Best Tehran Cafes” that keeps calling me back! (Part 1)

بهترین کافه های تهران

Tehran is a huge city, very crowded with busy lifestyle. But at the same time, there are lots of cafes available where you can go grab some coffee or tea and relax for a while. Tehran cafes are scattered in different part of city and there are lots of options available to check out. In recent years I tried many cafes with my dearest friends. Among these cafes, some are worth visiting more than others and I`m going to tell you which cafes keep bring me back to try them again and enjoy being there more and more!

There are many options available to go there and sit, and spend a quality time all by your own or with friends. Of course I could not try every single one of Tehran cafes, but I can tell you some of them that sits in my “Best Cafes of Tehran” list! I`m sure they are more great cafes in Tehran which I have not the chance to visit. So please if you know one, let me know about them. Let`s get to the first part of my list (which is not ranked by order!):

 best tehran cafesJee Cafe (from Instagram Account)

Jee cafe

They have two branches, first branch in Vozara St., and the second one in ASP residential complex (I like the first branch more than the other). A somehow small place with nice set of tables and chairs and most of time, good rock music that enhance the environment. What I love the most about Jee Cafe, is how respectful they are for their customers. They are very friendly, ask you about your experience and hear your words patiently. I even had some business meetings here which was all good to go with the owner. You can also bring your homework to do here (do not bring lots of papers or books, tables are not that large!)

Menu have lots of options, from hot or cold drinks to different kinds of salads and snacks. I mostly choose Cappuccino, and barista will also help you to choose the best according to your mood and needs. Salads are also great and they try to prepare them in its best way. Prices are relatively higher than expected, and sometimes smoking might bothering you (if you are a smoker yourself, you would not have any problem at all!) They are Open most of the times and late at night, just in some special holidays Jee cafe will be closed.

Jee Cafe on Foursquare


best tehran cafes

SAM Cafe (from Instagram account)

SAM Cafe

They started in one of the most expensive parts of Tehran with their own special design and style, and soon they had massive amount of customers waiting in line to get in and try this new place. They work on their marketing strongly and keep their presence in social media. They also have two branches, which I only tried their first one. They have large place, with huge window view to street which keeps it very bright during day time. At night, It is very low light and small lamps here and there try to keep it alive! They choose large tables for half of space available, and then small tables and chairs for groups of four or two. If you arrive in rush hour, you might not have the choice for your seat.

The ambience is somehow different. People here are mostly young ones mostly trying their best to look special and different. Quality is quite good in here, and prices are reasonable. This is very crowded in here and it is possible to ask you to wait in line. When you get in, you have less than an hour to finish it up and leave, making space for others to come! So it is not a good place to relax in rush hours.

SAM Cafe on Foursquare


best tehran cafe

Mignon Pastry (from Google Maps)

Mignon Pastry

It is a very old Armenian pastry shop that serves coffees along with their pastries. Mignon Pastry is not that good for large groups and it is hard to find parking place near their location. there are few options available for coffee and they close so soon. If you are about to visit places near Enghelab St., you can have a visit to this great pastry too and grab a small Armenian coffee. Their Hand made chocolates are one of the best around!

Mignon Pastry on Foursquare


best tehran cafe

Orient Cafe and Pastry

Orient Cafe and pastry

This old pastry is located near Mignon I mentioned above, and I confess they are one of the best! This Armenian pastry and cafe has a 70 year old history and know how to done it in best way possible. The cappuccino is the best I have ever tried and they are a master in Turkish coffee! They serve most coffees with a special chocolate that has orange inside (which I love so much!). You can also choose their great pastries and among them, Perook and Gata are stellar! Staff are great and friendly, and I love the style of this place.

Orient Cafe and Pastry on Foursquare


best tehran cafes

Cake Studio Vorta (from Instagram account)

Cake Studio Vorta

If you are looking for a cheap and fast coffee in a different environment, You should have a visit to cake studio Vorta. Their young staff serve coffee, donuts, cupcakes or other pastries to their mostly young students on tall tables or short desks. Coffee is not the best around, but compared to price it worths considering. It would be very crowded during afternoon, when schools and university classes are finished. My workplace in Iran was near Cake Studio Vorta, and when I was feeling tired, I would walked here and grab a Turkish coffee for a refreshment.

Cake Studio Vorta on Foursquare


best tehran cafes

Cafe Tehroon (from Instagram account)

Cafe Tehroon

This fabulous place is located in a historical complex called “Negarestan” in south of Tehran. They have a very large yard available, with trees and plants around, making it one of the best choice during Spring season to enjoy great weather. Now this place is more than just tea or coffee! You can enjoy special ancient Iranian cocktails served and designed in a very beautiful way (I`ll have a post about them very soon!). These special and beautiful drinks are available for every kind of mood and situation. Tell the staff about how you feel (hot, cold, stressed, relaxed etc.) and they will help you choose the best.

The problem with this place is that you must pay entrance fee of “Negarestan” even if you just want to go for Cafe Tehroon. It would be crowded in the afternoon, and need to wait for couple of minutes for an empty table. Menu has lots of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner with different kinds of Iranian foods and snacks. It can also be a great place for groups. Tables are named by names of trees and the style is quite Persian!

Cafe Tehroon on Foursquare


This was the first part from my list of “Best Tehran Cafes”. There will be a second part that I`ll write very soon. If you have tried any other best places worth visiting, kindly write a comment below 🙂


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