My List Of “Best Tehran Cafes ” That Keeps Calling Me Back! (Part 2)

best tehran cafes

Last week I covered first part of my “Best Tehran Cafes “ list. There are lots of good cafes to cover and this is the second part of that article. I hope you enjoy it!

Masudieh Cafe

best tehran cafes

This old styled fabulous place is located south of Tehran, as part of Masudieh Palace. The palace complex contains gift shops and great historical parts to visit, and after a walk inside the palace, it is good to have something to drink or eat in the cafe. Prices are somehow higher than usual, and it is really crowded. So make a reservation first and then go for the visit in Masudieh palace. Menu has lots of options to choose and you will definitely love spacious and charming environment. This is  not a late night place to be, they will close at 7pm. And it is closed on Saturdays too.

Luna Lounge

best tehran cafes

photo from Luna Lounge Instagram Account

This spacious cafe is located inside ASP culex building in a private corner. Design is modern and is a great place for large groups. They have both drinks (coffee and tea) and salads and snacks. Prices are reasonable and staff are polite and friendly.

Cafe Cinema (Ferdows Gardens)

best tehran cafes

Photo from Cafe Cinema Facebook Account

They have both indoor and outdoor seating with a nice space to relax and enjoy weather. They use high quality materials and you will sure enjoy their cookies and cakes too. This place is somehow historic and as the name mentions, it is all about cinema!

Natli Pastries

They are one of the famous pastries of Tehran, and there is a cafe on second floor of their shop. you can choose from different kinds of coffees and teas, along with various kinds of cookies and pastries.

Wispo Cafe

best tehran cafes

Photo from Wispo Cafe Instagram Account

This place is located at the entrance of Ibn Sina Building, and have both indoor and outdoor seating. They are really good at their job and will keep you satisfy, no doubt about it. They have different kinds of drinks and snacks. Nice place to have a date here or bring small groups of friends together.


Graph Cafe

best tehran cafes

Photo from Graph Cafe Instagram Account

Remember Luna Lounge Place? Graph Cafe is in the same building complex and is another high quality place to try and enjoy. They have both drinks and snacks. Ambience is great and you will enjoy spending hours with friends, or just alone doing your own business.


My list of Best Tehran Cafes stops here. but this is just a temporary stop. I have been to many good cafes, that to be honest I don`t remember right now! So maybe I would post more about those great experiences I had there and let you know about them and share it with you. If you know any good place, let me know and I will tell others about it!

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