Improve Your Mobile Photography with Extra Lenses

mobile photography

Mobile photography is one of hot trends of our time. Smartphones cameras are great and can snap great photos in a flash. They have some limitations as well, which we can overcome some of them with extra lenses that crafted specially for smartphones cameras.

mobile photography

This cheap lens use a clip to attach to smartphone

Extra lenses for mobile photography are in different shapes and functions. I bought this cheap model for less than 15$, which can be installed on different smartphones. This set will let me to shoot macro, fish eye and wide photos with a normal smartphone camera!  It is fun to play with such lenses and take photos you could not shoot before, but keep in mind that they have not built with quality of a great DSLR lenses. Here are some samples of using these lenses:

mobile photography

Shoot with macro lens module on iPhone 6 Plus

mobile photography

Fish eye lens on iPhone 6 Plus

mobile photography

And this is when you remove lens (compare with Fish Eye module installed)


Using macro module on smartphone camera is awesome. details are great and there is a sweet bokeh around the subject. Using macro module in mobile photography is a sensitive task and you should keep your hands super steady! So it is wise to shoot in a well lit space, or use a tripod.

The Wide module is not working for all smartphones. Some modern smartphone cameras have wide lenses installed, so using a wide lens module on them won`t bring any benefit. As for Fish eye lens module, you might encounter with some vignetting and purple fringe on corners (this problem heavily depends on quality of lens).

All in all having this cheap mobile accessory at hand would be useful during mobile photography. They are light and keep very small space in your pocket, but they will open whole new possibilities for you photography to inspire your friends!

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