Apple iMovies, best tool to make video clips on the go!

Apple iMovies

I had this article weeks ago about why I`m using smartphones for blogging, taking photos and other stuffs. Beside photography, videography is an essential for blogging and reporting and on top of all, it is crucial to prepare video in a proper way that visitors would like. Apple iMovies app is here to do the trick for us!

Apple iMovies is quite powerful and can be found on almost every Apple iDevices. iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, They all have iMovies pre-installed or you can download it for free (which is about 800MB for iPhone edition). For a free app, you get lots of tools to manage, cut, edit, and produce clips that no one would believe it had been done by a smartphone!

There are some patterns available for making video which can spice up your video clip atmosphere.There are some graphic effects and transitions for clips and text too. You can also include images in-between of video clips to enrich the content you are about to publish. iMovies can export movies in different resolutions, but file format is limited to .mov which takes more storage space than mp4 or other video formats.

Hopefully you can transfer the final project file to a PC or Mac, and then convert the .mov file to your desired file format. If you don`t have access to a computer, you can go for apps like Clips and import Apple iMovies exported file. Then export a new video which this time, is with .mp4 extension!

Do you know any other favorite movie editing app other than Apple iMovies? Share it with us!

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