Wireless iPhone Charger by Zens

wireless iphone charger

Having smartphone charged during trip is viral for many of us. I use smartphone to take photos, sharing on social media and find my way in Google Maps. But when it is time to charge the iPhone 6, I need to go and find proper charger. Zens wireless iphone charger can be a good solution for some cases.

wireless iphone charger

This Wireless iPhone Charger is actually a cover for iPhone, with increased height. It supports Qi Wireless charging standard, so when you arrive at Starbucks, you can simply put iPhone on table and charge your phone! Simple as that, you will no longer need to reach for cable or charger and look for a place near a power outlet. Of course I`m more of a Powerbank user, and hopefully there is a backup 1650mAh built-in powerbank included too! The downside, Zens iPhone wireless charger is made for 4.7inch size. Those having iPhone Plus, wont have the chance of using such product.

iphone charger

Zens is a European young company starting their work in 2011. They also recently made a powerbank, specially for Apple Watch which can charge it up 3 times.

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