Pay your accommodation by your skills, instead of cash!

هزینه اقامت

Paying for hotels or even hostels can consume major part of our travel budget and makes it harder for further plans with peace of mind. website has a good solution for this problem. Use your skills to pay for your accommodation! supports 155 countries (even Iran has some hosts on this website, which is quite good!). People around the world (currently more than 22 thousands) sign up and are ready to host guests, and in return, ask for some skills instead of payments. Travelers search for hosts in places they wish to go, and start contacting with hosts in order to get ready for a couple of days stay.

you should`t be worried about your skill, cause they are mostly easy things to do. Some might ask you to teach English to their children, or help them paining the house. Skills are not technical in most cases and most people can afford to do that. A review system on website can provide a better insight about host and guest, and raise the trust between hosts and travelers.

Living with locals can be fun and amazing. You will learn a lot about how they live their lives, what do they eat and how to communicate with them. also has some photography contest, just to keep the fun side of community alive as well!

Here`s the link to check out:

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