Travel to Kashan and Iranian traditional drinks miracle!

Kashhan and Iranian Traditional Drinks

Kashan city is located near center of Iran, and it is hot when you travel during summer. In  a time that everyone travel to colder places, me and my dear friend decided to visit Kashan. It is hot as expected, but a miracle saved us from heat: Iranian traditional drinks known as “Sharbat“.

Kashan and a traditional solution for heat

Kashan is full of amazing old houses with exceptional design and architecture that can arract every person and keep them watch for hours. I will talk about them in another post. What I`m trying to say is that walking through all these places takes lots of energy and you will lose a lot of water! A simple bottled water cannot bring back lost energy and minerals you body consumed, so you need to go for something more.

Here comes the Iranian traditional sharbat in various types and models, for different conditions. Almost all of them are based on fruits and vegetables, so you can trust on their healthiness. It was interesting for me that there are packed drinks in shops as well, so I could bring them with me in my backpack much easier.

Suggestion: Sit in grand bazaar and drink!

There are places like coffeeshops, with traditional drinks available. The one that I tried and really enjoyed, is called: “Sharbat Khane Shah Neshin”

This little cosy place is in “Amin-ol-Doleh” part of Grand bazaar in Kashan. when arrived there, look up and you will see the lights of this lovely place. Tell them how you feel and they will suggest you the best drink! If you like their dishes and glasses, you can buy from them.

Kashan Travel and Iranian traditional drinks miracle
When arrived at “Amin-ol-Doleh” section, look up and you will see the shop lights.
Kashan Travel and Iranian traditional drinks miracle
Inside of “Sharbat khane”, you can see Grand bazaar from above.


Featured photo of this article is from traditional drinks served in Cafe Tehroon, located in Tehran. I think they are one of the best in Tehran and everyone should try their taste in traditional drinks!

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