West Coast Road Trip | Last Day: Back Home

Pacific Coast Highway road Trip

This is it. Our road trip comes to an end and it`s time to return back to South California. We spent a night at Motel 6 in a city near Seattle (One of the cheapest options available around!). Now we have about 1200 miles to drive!

Initial estimation tell us that if we drive all day and night, we might arrive at midnight. Something that not gonna happen easily. because we sure need to stop for lunch, tea and getting some rest. And we have no idea where to sleep at night! This time, we are not about to head Pacific Coast Highway. Instead, we are going through i-5 highway to keep the time on our side.

Along the way, we are about to pass through Portland, and as it is a lovely place, we  decided to have lunch here. Having lunch in Portland is charming and although we have time limitation, we couldn’t resist a short city walk and enjoy around. Back to the car and we realized we really cannot make it to destination tonight. Me and my friend switched driving to keep our energy high and drive as much as we can. Around midnight, we are somewhere near Sacramento and we have to stop and rest.

It is obvious that we cannot find a place to stay for night, so we just looked for a car rest and spend the night in car. Next morning, I woke up and saw a “No Parking” sign just above my head! hopefully we didn`t get a ticket! We passed Sacramento and stayed to have something brief for breakfast. We are not about to stay at any place anymore, so we can have lunch in Los Angeles. As we drive down to south, it gets warmer, and you can see more signs about wild fire danger. Global warming is real and it threatens beautiful jungles and trees all around. We could see firemen and people try to stop fire or smoke in some places.

As a reward to our road trip, we already had 2 tickets for “Guns`n Roses” concert in Angels Stadium. 3 hours of all energy and fun, and now we can head back home and rest out a week of driving: more than 3100 miles!

Tip: Follow road signs for a safe road trip

The thing I most like about roads in this country, are their road signs. They are very informative and help you figure out what awaits you and how you should handle situation. So always follow road signs and you`ll be home safe!

Pacific Coast Highway road Trip
We had lunch at Port Land and walk around for a while. We wished we had more time to stay here and look around.
Pacific Coast Highway road Trip
More that 3100 miles drive in a week. I have never done such a thing before, and I admit I enjoyed it!

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