Filband, a village hidden in clouds


Filband, a village in north of Iran in Mazandaran province, is all in clouds! It is so cold most of the times that nobody would live there, except when the weather gets warmer during spring and summer. I took a visit there two years ago, just the same time as now (Facebook reminded me that!). So I thought it might be good sharing what I experienced there in beautiful village of Filband.

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My List of “Best Tehran Cafes” that keeps calling me back! (Part 1)

بهترین کافه های تهران

Tehran is a huge city, very crowded with busy lifestyle. But at the same time, there are lots of cafes available where you can go grab some coffee or tea and relax for a while. Tehran cafes are scattered in different part of city and there are lots of options available to check out. In recent years I tried many cafes with my dearest friends. Among these cafes, some are worth visiting more than others and I`m going to tell you which cafes keep bring me back to try them again and enjoy being there more and more!

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