Passion for Cars: Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

America in search of another Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Those who are familiar with the landscape and nature photography, have certainly heard the name of Ansel Adams. He is one of the most important nature photographers and his job was to record images of US national parks 1941. His job because so important and noteworthy that he became one of legendary people in nature photography who other photographers look forward to. Now the US Government (National Park Service) announced that they are looking for someone to do the same thing that Ansel Adams did.

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He wants to travel to Iran and dance with them!

Most newspapers and websites and television is full of horrible news and various conflicts and insecurity around the world, which makes our intake into the surrounding environment always be with fear and worry. But in the meantime, there are people with different kind of thinking and a different perspective, and do things beyond expectation. Matt Harding is one of those people who have gone to different parts of the world and dance with people in each region! He plans to go to Iran in 2016 and dance with Iranians too. But he needs people in destination countries to do something for him first!

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Passing through Olvera Street, birthplace of Los Angeles!

Los Angeles, with an area of about 1,300 square kilometers, is the second big city America. Los Angeles reminds us all of the iconic Hollywood and movies! The city’s famous and important points for many of us are familiar and almost all tourists on the first day of the presence in the city, check them at first priority. Next to the famous places, other places that are perhaps less heard about, are also worth visiting and might have same value of those famous places. Olvera Street in Los Angeles is one of those places that maybe you haven`t heard of, but totally worth visiting. Olivera Street is the birthplace of what we know az zLos Angeles today!

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best way of routing: asking locals or relying on maps?

you are about to go to a new place that you just heard about it before and you already searched about it online. You also have a good smartphone and you previously stored needed maps on the memory. So you have a good estimation of where you are going to. After enough search, you decide to ask some locals, so you can decide with peace of mind. But what you hear from people are totally different from what you had estimated! What`s going on around here?!

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