How to bear middle seat of airplanes

When we plan to travel by plane, we might like to be seated next to window, or be near isle to have easy access to our luggage or have a little walk. But things go bad when you have to sit in the middle seat! There will be no access to isle not window. On top of them, you need to struggle for the armrest too!

Travel+Leisure website have some solutions for such conditions that are worth checking out.

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best way of routing: asking locals or relying on maps?

you are about to go to a new place that you just heard about it before and you already searched about it online. You also have a good smartphone and you previously stored needed maps on the memory. So you have a good estimation of where you are going to. After enough search, you decide to ask some locals, so you can decide with peace of mind. But what you hear from people are totally different from what you had estimated! What`s going on around here?!

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