Best companion during events and exhibitions: My Smartphone

چرا گوشی هوشمند بهترین ابزار برای تهیه گزارش از مراسم و رویدادها است؟

There are several tools that a journalist or photographer might need to survive during an exhibition or visiting an event. These tools are all necessary to shoot photos, write down different aspects of the event or record voices and videos. Several tools has been made to do these task in its own best way, but there is one tool that do them all and also can be useful in some other ways as well. That tool is a good smartphone which worked for me like a savior during hard times!

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Passion for Cars: Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

He wants to travel to Iran and dance with them!

Most newspapers and websites and television is full of horrible news and various conflicts and insecurity around the world, which makes our intake into the surrounding environment always be with fear and worry. But in the meantime, there are people with different kind of thinking and a different perspective, and do things beyond expectation. Matt Harding is one of those people who have gone to different parts of the world and dance with people in each region! He plans to go to Iran in 2016 and dance with Iranians too. But he needs people in destination countries to do something for him first!

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