How to bear middle seat of airplanes

When we plan to travel by plane, we might like to be seated next to window, or be near isle to have easy access to our luggage or have a little walk. But things go bad when you have to sit in the middle seat! There will be no access to isle not window. On top of them, you need to struggle for the armrest too!

Travel+Leisure website have some solutions for such conditions that are worth checking out.

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Passing through Olvera Street, birthplace of Los Angeles!

Los Angeles, with an area of about 1,300 square kilometers, is the second big city America. Los Angeles reminds us all of the iconic Hollywood and movies! The city’s famous and important points for many of us are familiar and almost all tourists on the first day of the presence in the city, check them at first priority. Next to the famous places, other places that are perhaps less heard about, are also worth visiting and might have same value of those famous places. Olvera Street in Los Angeles is one of those places that maybe you haven`t heard of, but totally worth visiting. Olivera Street is the birthplace of what we know az zLos Angeles today!

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