Roger application, Walkie Talkie For The Modern World

Roger application

Today’s world is full of apps and different communication softwares that can help people communicate with family and friends from anywhere in the world. Roger is somehow a new member of huge communication apps and softwares for our smartphones, with just a little difference. Roger works like a walkie talkie for your smartphone and tablet.

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There are several maps and routing apps for smartphones and tablets and Google Maps is the top choice for many people, as it provides lots of details and features for users. However, relying on internet connection is a downside for many of these apps and might cause trouble in places without internet coverage. is an app that will show its usefulness in places without internet connection.

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Foursquare: A true companion in travels and getting arounds

It happens to all of us that we want to try a very delicious food at a great local restaurant, or a good coffee or tea at a lovely cafe nearby. Asking people around you to find a place would be nice, but it is not necessarily a good solution to find what you have in your mind. If you have a smartphone or tablet with you, I highly recommend to install Foursquare to get a whole new dimension in your trips and travels!

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Triposo, a different travel app to find a walking path!

One of the most economic ways to see important and attractive parts of a city is walking! Of course, I know that this requires a lot of time and energy, but at the same time, it has its own advantages and can be a good opportunity to get familiar with the environment better. But finding a suitable path for walking and seeing the intended spots can be a challenge. fortunately there are some travel app for smartphone or tablets available for this task and Triposo is one of them to help us in this regard.

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