Passing through Death Valley National Park, United States

A while ago I found this opportunity to drive through Death Valley National Park in the State of Nevada. Where, due to the immense heat, can result in dehydration in a short period of time and bring death toward you! In this short trip, I passed through different parts of this park and visit some interesting scenes (two nights ago, I could not sleep of cold weather in Yosemite and now it is hot as an oven!)

Death Valley National Park facts:

  • Death Valley announced as a national park in 1933.
  • Death Valley is the lowest amount of height from sea level (86 meters lower than sea level) and is the hottest and driest spot in north America.
  • During the day the temperature can reach to 48 centigrades, and -30 centigrades at night. The highest recorded temperature in this place is 57 degrees Celsius.
  • Although the area is very hot, but there are several camping sites available
  • Don`t even think about setting up a simple tent here! Weather is not suitable enough to spend day or night in a tent. If you want to stay and camp here, it is better to bring RV with necessary and reliable cooling and heating system.
  • If you have decided to pass through Death Valley, make sure can air conditioner works properly.

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