America in search of another Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Those who are familiar with the landscape and nature photography, have certainly heard the name of Ansel Adams. He is one of the most important nature photographers and his job was to record images of US national parks 1941. His job because so important and noteworthy that he became one of legendary people in nature photography who other photographers look forward to. Now the US Government (National Park Service) announced that they are looking for someone to do the same thing that Ansel Adams did.

The selected photographer is going to take black and white photos in large format. The purpose of the implementation of this project, is to show the changes and differences between america`s nature now and then at Ansel Adams time. The salary of this job is quite well and is about 100000 per year which is great for a full time job.

The chosen one must prepare photos to publish in congress library in high quality and photos must have sufficient description about the place and photo. There is another important requirement and that is citizenship of United States. So if you are an American citizen and think you have enough talent and energy to do this job, fill in the forms and try your chance to grab the job!

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