Black Ember Modular backpack

black ember backpack

Backpack is one of essentials for me during travel. Having a good backpack makes it a lot easier to manage things inside and in the end, make a travel much better . There are different varieties of backpacks, but what make Black Ember backpacks a special one, is being modular!

Being modular means that alongside the existing main space in a backpack, extra buttons and hooks to install smaller bags and containers are there too. So user can customize the space of backpack by needs. The TL Pack version has 20 liters capacity and has waterproof feature along with urethane zippers to protect from moisture. There is also a dedicated place for laptop which can cover up to 15 inch laptops.

The 245 US dollar price tag is sure high for a backpack, but according to flexibility and features available, it might be good for some travelers. Neoruk version has increased capacity to 25 liters and of course is more expensive (265 US Dollars). This one also has strong structure and same flexibility as TL version. You should remember that this price is just for the main storage. To get those more spaces to install on backpack and customize it, you should pay more to get each one of them! So to get a full package of this luxurious backpack, consider to pay something like 400 US Dollars or even more!

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