Happy Norooz! Persian new year is here

Norooz Persian new year

There is a favorite time of year for each of us to feel fresh, feel to start something new and try to be happy! Norooz is that special time for many Iranians to be happy and be fresh! This is Persian new year celebrations  happening in less than 2 days! Be ready to be happy and fresh again.

Norooz means “new day” and this is the time when spring season officially begins in solar calendar (which is quite accurate!). Winter has gone and now this is the time to start fresh, plan for new things and be happy together with friends and family. Norooz is not something special to Iranians, but many Persian language countries celebrate it too.

Norooz Iranian new year

Preparing for Norooz

You`ve got to clean your house in order to welcome Norooz and spring properly! People also buy new clothes to show that they are going to be new in the new year. Children will also have good time, because they are about to get gifts from parents and families. The most important part of preparation, is setting up the table with 7 special things on it with first letter with “s” sound. It includes coins, apple, vinegar, garlic and other things. Each one is a symbol represents an important part of nature and life which need respect and getting attention to (Sometimes you might find more than 7 items on table. It depends on people and their beliefs).

How to say happy new year to Iranians?

Like any other nations, Iranians say happy new year to each other after new year. If there is a child around, you can give them a small gift too! This is how they say “Happy New Year”:

  • sal-e-no mobarak
  • eid mobarak
  • no-rooz mobarak
  • No-rooz pi-rooz
  • no-rooz khojaste-baad (drop this one, it is hard to pronounce!)

What to eat in Norooz

The most popular food for Iranian new year is fish (specially white fish), cooked with rice and vegetables. Some cook rice with some kind of noodle prepared for rice and serve with stew. For dinner most people cook dolmades which is meat, rice and vegetables wrapped in vine leaves and cooked again. “Kookoo Sabzi” is another light dish prepared with egg and different vegetables.

For more info about Norooz and what`s about Iranians new year, I highly recommend visiting Heritage Institute website. They have a section talking about Zoroastrian New Year. I took some of information written here from their website.

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