About me

I`m Babak Valizadeh and I love to travel! I did not have the chance to travel the world, but everywhere that I go, I try my best to visit every place around and find interesting things. One of those things that I mostly appreciate in daily life and my travels are coffees and teas, so now you see why this blog is named “Cup Of Trip”!

This blog is about traveling, tips and tricks, tech and tools related to traveling and almost every other stuff that could be attached to traveling. I try to update “Cup Of Trip” regularly and keep it fresh. I take photos from different places that I have been is one of the crucial parts of this blog that I hope you would enjoy.

About what I am doing

I do love computers and electronic devices. As an editor of sakhtafzarmag.com, I had this chance to work with lots of new tech devices, and write about them. This opportunity gave me this chance to travel to some countries and be at many press conferences and events like Computex in Taiwan or CES in Las Vegas and I know I am good at the job!

Right now I live in South California, and still try to see more and more. I also interested in coding for mobile devices. That is a field I just started studying it  and I hope one day I can become a professional one. I love photography as well and try to be better more and more each and every time. But I had not this chance of exhibiting my photos. You can find my photos in different articles of this blog.

I hope you enjoy Cup of Trip! Keep in touch and send me your thoughts in Contact Me page. Thanks 🙂

UPDATE (September 20, 2017): Finally, I have my portfolio up and running. Check it out at babak.photography

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